The title alone had me feeling some kind of way, a horror exhibit on Hollywood Blvd. filled with screen-used props, costumes AND it’s a private collection on display for a week only? Hell yeah I’m all about that! Well, my excitement must have got the best of me because this wasn’t a horror exhibit like me and my friends had thought. There were ~some~ horror props and costumes but the majority of it was sci-fi, action, adventure and the horror stuff was in the back room under some god awful colored lights. Our “guide” was nice and full of movie knowledge that is easily accessible through documentaries, movie featurettes, but for the general movie fan it’s a cool experience

Before we entered the exhibit, our guide told us to take as many pictures and videos as we wanted which is what I love to hear! So I’m snapping away trying to take everything in and then a minute later our guide very loudly says “and if you look over here” which surprised me because I thought it would be a self-guided tour and we could take our time. Unfortunately, I had to be a lot quicker with my photo taking/enjoyment of the exhibit itself. The main issue I had was being rushed, not to mention the lighting situation wasn’t ideal and I had to be choosy of what I took photos of and what I merely looked at for 5 seconds before being whisked away to the next section…

Closing thoughts on this exhibit… It’s overpriced, you’re rushed through every section and have virtually no time to enjoy. The lighting is atrocious and the costumes/props are way too close to one another so it makes for even worst photos. I will say that if you’re a fan of movies and don’t mind all the gripes I had with it and are willing to spend $35 then go for it! Another thing to keep in mind, if you go to conventions a lot then you may have seen a lot of these props before. Apologies for being so negative this time around but I had to share my thoughts on this and want others to know about it as well

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