What is this… Why am I doing a blog? Photos. Plain and simple. I’ve recently got back into film photography and wanted to write about them. Posting to Twitter and Instagram is easy, but sometimes I want to explain myself and since I’m camera shy I figured I’d be better off writing them out. Enjoy!

The first clump of photos is from the latest roll that I shot back in early July. I found myself wanting to shoot again and with quarantine in full swing by this point I figured why the hell not. The worst that’ll happen is the photos come out horribly and I’ll have wasted $12… To my pleasant surprise, I came away with some good photos!

As the days went on I started to get more excited about shooting again. I did just buy a Sony a6000 a month or so ago but lately I’ve been going down the rabbit hole of film photography and I haven’t looked back! Don’t worry though, I’ll probably post some digital photos at some point…

One thing I’ve been noticing as of late is all the new details I’ve been noticing lately because of film. I have 36 or 24 shots and I have to make them count! It’s also been a blast experimenting with different rolls and how I should compose photos. My favorite film stock I’ve shot so far is Kodak Gold 200 which is vibrant and has nice colors. I’ll post that photoset in another post

This bundle came from my church’s back parking lot which I never thought much of but seeing all the filing cabinets, old basketball hoop, and playground with no kids in sight it sparked something in me. Since I had to wait for my parents to finish up church I walked around and took these shots. I was so excited to get them developed and post them to Instagram! I haven’t felt this creative surge in a while and it felt good

The last set is from a parking lot by goodwill. My mom asked if I could drop off some stuff we had decided to get rid of and since I was going there anyway I decided why not. I had also dropped off some rolls at a new developer to try them out and see if it was worth my money and investment (IT SURE WAS) sadly, Goodwill didn’t have anything but I did get these great photos out of that short trip. All in all, not a bad 2 days of shooting and I’ll have plenty more to post here and on my Instagram

Stay safe and thanks for reading!

I’m trying to write again!